RPR Residency


Our restaurant provides you with the mix of fresh seasonal ingredients, refined goods and the best recipes and techniques. We do our best to serve you delicious food.

For the chefs of the RPR Residency, exquisite preparation and presentation demand attention of the highest level. Every meal is an occasion to remember. We serve sumptuous dishes that come alive with south Indian, Chinese, and continental flavours, all delightful and delicious to the heart and soul.

If you want to taste the finest South Indian delicacies, you have to visit our Thamarai fine dining veg restaurant. We offer a huge selection of dishes, prepared by our finest chefs. We have been in the hospitality industry for generations and this has given us an opportunity to master the South Indian cuisine.

Whether it is our breakfast, lunch or dinner, we welcome you to explore and treat your taste buds with our finest food! Any special occasion in your life... whether it's your anniversary or birthday or any event that you feel you need to celebrate, do visit Thamarai and make the event even more special!!


Whether it's a hard day's work or if you are simply looking to relax, just visit TIME bar, the only bar in Chennai that is fully vegetarian!

A cool combination of fluids, food and music, with in-house DJ, sets the tone for a relaxing evening in a fully air-conditioned zone.

Rest assured you will leave the place in "good spirits"!

Created to invoke memories of our guest at RPR Residency, this time bar has a collection where you can choose from an impressive drinks while you relax. The TIME Bar has it's melodious music and a warm cozy settings to lift your spirits with its choicest of Indian and Imported Liquors Guests can enjoy a quiet drink, a hearty cocktail, light snacks or simply relax with their feet up and enjoy the music.